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Focal Utopia Headphones Review: Audiophiles And Melomaniacs $3,999 Worth Buying Headphones

By Alejandro Sosa January 23, 2017 Editor's Rating:

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When it comes to the time we want to find something useful, we don’t really know what should we buy. It is all a matter of tastes. A new car; a new camera; maybe a new pair of headphones. With dozens of headphones in the market, it is difficult to invest in the right one...

Polaroid Cube Review: HD Action Video Camera

By Alejandro Sosa January 22, 2017 Editor's Rating:

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Started as a sunglasses company, they have been producing smartphones as the Polaroid Snap S55WH or the Polaroid Power P600SL which are fantastic smartphones; speakers; and of course, brand new Polaroids, for what they have become recognized, and they did a huge change to the photograph business. Polaroid knew how to take advantage of the...

108M Mega Yacht

By Bibin Dominic Tom October 2, 2016

If you have enough money and looking for long time retirement on sea drive, lets get this bad boy: 108M Mega Yacht, a 590-foot mega-yacht with its own elevated dining and viewing platforms, tranquil gardens and even a private beach of sorts. It was designed by Hareide Design Norway design studio. But still its a concept. The design teams said...

iCODIS CB-100W Mobile Projector Review: Little, Sturdy And Powerful

By Jesús Goncalves April 27, 2016 Editor's Rating:

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We often look around in magazines, blogs and even communities of tech enthusiasts topics and discussions about what they expect from the soon-to-be-released products of their favorite brands, fantasizing about the implementation of their most wanted features in their favorite company’s shiny new flagship device. However, these improvements promote changes the protocols that enable us...

Parrot Bebop 2 Review – Navigate The Skies, But Keep It In Sight

By Jesús Goncalves April 20, 2016

The Parrot Bebop 2 is the newest personal drone by Parrot, a French company known from the beginnings of the personal drones tech, with the launch of the Parrot AR, back in 2010. It was one of the drone models who opened the way for a new sector of the tech market who wanted to...

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