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Focal Utopia Headphones Review: Audiophiles And Melomaniacs $3,999 Worth Buying Headphones

By Alejandro Sosa January 23, 2017 Editor's Rating:

via Amazon

When it comes to the time we want to find something useful, we don’t really know what should we buy. It is all a matter of tastes. A new car; a new camera; maybe a new pair of headphones. With dozens of headphones in the market, it is difficult to invest in the right one...

Nextbit Robin Review – Simplicity On A New Perspective

By Jesús Goncalves May 13, 2016

Innovating in a market as competitive as the smartphone market is tricky, to say the least, it’s a market that has seen plenty of ideas coming with various degrees of success. With ideas such as inductive charging, 41-megapixel cameras, curved screens and even pico projectors, or features with high acceptance, such as Quick Charge 2.0...

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