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10 Amazing Gadgets That PC Gamers Love To Have

By Bibin Dominic Tom March 28, 2016

Gaming is serious a giant business. The worth of gaming industry is approximately 74 billion US Dollars. And the amount is increasing day by day. You can enjoy gaming experience on your smartphones but if u want to experience extreme gaming then you have to limit it to your PC, as this list of gamer’s...

Fitbit Alta: Designed To Be With You On A Daily Basis

By Bibin Dominic Tom March 26, 2016

The Fitbit Alta is the newest product released by the activity tracker company Fitbit. Learning from its previous efforts to create fully-featured tracker devices, such as the Fitbit Charge HR and the Surge, and their terribly-designed Blaze smartwatch, Fitbit delivers a gorgeous activity tracker that would pass as a luxury watch with the proper band set on. Starting...

RippleBuds: Smartest Bluetooth Earbuds With An In-Ear Microphone

By Bibin Dominic Tom March 24, 2016

For years we are using small and decent-enough Bluetooth headphones, but those are just a solution for the hand-free calls. The both persons on each ends of the call never hear each other clearly if there is an ambient noise. Well, with RippleBuds, the newly developed Bluetooth earbuds with an in-ear microphone, which helps to hear loud and clear....

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